Sweater Weather

I was looking for a way to get the forecast from the terminal, because why not? :)

Sure, I can browse to AccuWeather/The Weather Channel and after few clicks get what I wanted, but where’s the fun in that?

I came across this great open source project: wttr.in. It’s basically a web frontend for wego, a terminal weather app with awesome ASCII art, that brings you all da sh*t with nothing but curl!


$ curl wttr.in/tel-aviv

Tel-Aviv Weather

Advanced Features

  • Dropping the location name will return the report for your current location, based on IP address, but it’s not so accurate
  • Use 3-letters airport codes to get their weather info: $ curl wttr.in/jfk
  • To query a name of some geographical location/site place ~ before its name: $ curl wttr.in/~santiago-bernabeu-stadium
  • It is also possible to specify a domain name or IP address with @ prefix: $ curl wttr.in/@bigpnada.io
  • Rule of thumb - USCS units for USA originated qeuries, metric system for the rest
  • Help: $ curl wttr.in/:help

Bonus Eye Candy

Do yourself a favor and type:

$ curl wttr.in/Moon


Olaf WoW

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