Tmux fpp

I don’t always install a new tmux plugin, but when I do I write a TIL about it :)

Today, the FP guru and Scala master Daniel Sebban showed me tmux-fpp.
It is a wrapper around Facebook PathPicker, that allows you to quickly open files in your default editor, from different commands output.


  1. Install Facebook PathPicker using Homebrew on macOS

    $ brew install fpp 
  2. Using TPM, add ‘tmux-plugins/tmux-fpp’ to the list of plugins in your .tmux.conf file, and enter prefix + I to install it.


I found tmux-fpp mostly useful for git commands output and grep results.

After executing a certain command, hit prefix f to open a cool UI to select the files you’re interested in.
Press f while the cursor is on a specific path to mark the desired files, then Enter and the files will open in your $EDITOR of choice.

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