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In the company I work for, BigPanda, we use Travis CI for our CI/CD process.

After every Git push to one of our projects’ branches, a new build is triggered. The build usually includes test suite run and creation of the artifact to be deployed (I know, we’re not continuous deployment fully-automated yet).

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Though our trusted Slack bot notifies for every build results in a dedicated channel, I often find myself in need of opening Travis’ web application, to go over the log, debug or restart the build.

Today I learned how to prompt the last project build view in the Travis web interface, using Travis CLI (client).


Once installed and configured all you have to do is type the following in your repo’s dir:

$ travis open

and a new browser tab will pop up.

You can also just print the URL with the --print option, or open the repo in GitHub with the --github flag.

If you’re interested in a specific build or job, append its’ number to the command.

The best way I found to get the number of your branch last build is:

  1. Run:

    $ travis branches

    This will output the most recent build for each branch.

  2. Locate your branch last build number (say 17).

  3. Run:

    $ travis open 17

TBH, I haven’t played with the client enough to list pro tips and advanced use cases.

If you know useful tricks go ahead and share them in the comments section below.

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